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DWI Defense

What kind of case is this?

DWI cases can be Class B Misdemeanors, Class A Misdemeanors, and felony offenses. A conviction for a DWI offense can be used to enhance to the next level of offense in the future. It is critical that your DWI offense be defended by  someone who is intimate with the law.

What about my driver license?

DWI cases involve two different courts at law - the criminal court at law and the State Office of Administrative Hearings. There are only 15 days to request an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Hearing. Don't miss your deadline! Your license can be suspended. 

My license is suspended. What next?

Driver licenses in DWI cases can be suspended for convictions, breath/blood test failures, and breath/blood test refusals. You can petition the court for an occupational driver license (ODL). Contact our office if you need an ODL. 

I have a DWI conviction. What next?

Recent changes in the law allow for an order of nondisclosure of certain DWI convictions. Do you have a conviction? Contact our office to see if you're eligible to have your record sealed.